Annual carnival brings winter fun to Wiikwemkoong

WIIKWEMKOONG—Bright sun and a break in the bitter cold were just what the doctor ordered to chase away the winter blahs as the Wikwemikong Family Winter Carnival 2019 got underway. The event with the theme ‘Remembering the Good Old Days’ was hosted by the Wikwemikong Health Centre.

The February 7 to 9 festivities began on Thursday, with a family movie and thriller movie at the Rabbit Island Centre.

Friday continued the theme with a family dance at the Wikwemikong Arena, with a step dancing contest and the crowning of the Carnival King and Queen, Noodin and Ogeequa. It was all about the dance moves and good friends.

The Wikwemikong Tribal Police Service was on hand with the ever popular Jail-a-thon, where a community member could issue a warrant for the arrest of one of their friends, favourite auntie or your boss. The incarcerated would have to spend 15 minutes in the hoosegow, or buy their freedom for a small bail of $5. All proceeds went to the Wasse-Abin Breakfast Program.

Speaking of breakfast, the pancake breakfast at the Amikook Centre sold out in 20 minutes flat. Good thing there was plenty of grub available at the arena as well.

Upstairs at the arena, events like giant Jenga, family skating, Fear Factor, nutrition bingo and a presentation by the Wikwemikong High School Robotics team kept everyone busy until the wrap up and giveaway.

Up at the Youth Centre, pudding feeding contests had everyone in stitches, along with three-legged races, egg relays, a scavenger hunt, snowshoe races and a barbecue that kept the little ones and their parents hopping.

This year’s Family Snow Sculpture contest, courtesy of the Wikwemkong Heritage Organization, might have been a tad short on entries, with only four signed up, but the efforts on an Indigenous theme were impressive. First place of a $50 Andy’s Gift Certificate and $50 Your Dollar Store with More went to the Buffalo by Glen Toulouse Bebamikawe and family; second prize of a $25 Andy’s Gift Certificate and $25 Your Dollar Store with More went to Canoe Family by Roxanne Recollet and family while third prize of a $35 Hillside pepperoni pizza, pop and chips certificate went to Drum by Waab Goonii Kwe and Brandon Kagige. Fourth prize of a $20 Buzwah Store Gift Certificate went to Tipi and Canoe by Gerald and Kenneth Toulouse.

In the end, a very good time was had by all.