Aguonie returned as Sheguiandah chief

Andrew Aguonie

SHEGUIANDAH – Ogimaa Andrew Aguonie has been returned to the head of the Sheguiandah First Nation council table following last week’s band elections.

Ogimaa Aguonie garnered 53 votes in the poll, followed by Ray Trudeau with 36 votes, Jake Ago Neh with 18 votes and Orville Aguonie with three votes.

In the election for the three councillor positions at the band council table incumbent Elvis Mishibinijima was elected with 53 votes, incumbent Pearl Waindubence was elected with 52 votes and Alison Aguonie was elected with 41 votes. Other results were incumbent Carrie Waindubence with 38 votes, Hardy McDowell with 32 votes, Derek Assinewe with 28 votes, Russell Lemarr with 18 votes, Darren Shawanda with 16 votes and Steven Aguonie with 15 votes.

Ms. Aguonie is returning to the council table after losing her challenge for chief from councillor, to Ogimaa Aguonie in the 2017 election.