A supporter of cormorants weighs in on hunting debate

To the Expositor:
I am in total agreement with the letter form Sandra Jarvis last week (‘Expositor cormorant article called on shortcomings,’ December 19, Page 4). I really don’t understand man-unkind as we want to kill everything that we don’t understand. The hunters say the cormorants have taken all the fish; this is certainly not true. What takes all the fish is over-fishing. I have known many seasonal people that go fishing and get their limit and then bring it back to the their residence and put it in their freezer and go out fishing again. If they have too many fish in their freezer they use a neighbours’. I am sure locals do this also.
We need to respect nature and if we did not interfere with the balance of nature it would work but we have to go and kill, kill, kill. In my opinion there is something not right if you look at an animal in nature and just want to kill it. I think we have done so much damage to this planet that people should be worried what kind of world are they leaving for their children and grandchildren.
Please do not put a cull on these birds, it will wipe them out and you should be ashamed of this.
Sally Miller
Gore Bay