A Christmas message of thanks to The Expositor

To the Expositor:
I needed to sit down and put pen to paper and express myself personally, my appreciation for you and your staff in what you do. You are the glue that brings it all together for the public you serve.
You keep us informed, you do on a timely basis and you invite any and all respectful assessments of your performance in what you do. I know you are watched and “read” all over the world. Yours is an award-winning organization and continue to be so.
From Marilyn at your front door to the quiet workers in the offices to the production staff to your reporting staff, all like the spokes in a bicycle wheel supporting the whole wheel to make it function, and do it well. Thanks for being there for us year after year and keeping up the standards your set by Rick McCutcheon.
I know too that Julia McCutcheon is a huge cog in that wheel as well. It must be a good feeling to know you are such an integral part of the workings of our society.  
Merry Christmas to all of you and your families,
Larry and Shelley Killens
South Baymouth