42-year old from Webbwood was charged criminally with flight while pursued by a peace officer

Espanola Occurrence Number ES17002078

Occurrence Type: Flight from Police, Drug Offence

On August 5, 2017 at 2:50 a.m., an employee at a local licensed establishment contacted the Espanola Police Service to report that a male had attended inside the restaurant, but was turned away as he appeared to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. When the male left, he entered a car in the parking lot.   

Within minutes of receiving the call, a member of the Espanola Police Service arrived at the restaurant, but found the parking lot to be empty. The officer observed the car as described traveling southbound past the restaurant, and when he pulled out to stop the vehicle, it accelerated away, and made several turns onto side streets, before the driver stopped the vehicle and took off on foot.

Upon searching the vehicle, officers located a wallet containing the driver’s licence of the male seen by the officer fleeing the vehicle. A check of the males name revealed that he was on outstanding charges for impaired driving, possession of a controlled substance, and was a suspended driver.

While securing and towing the vehicle, the officer noticed a taxi driving slowly in the area, and maintained observation on the taxi as it stopped, and a male ran out from between some houses and entered it. The taxi was stopped, and the male was identified as the driver of the vehicle and arrested. A search incident to arrest located 2 grams of Marihuana on his person.

As a result of the incident, a 42-year old from Webbwood was charged criminally with flight while pursued by a peace officer, fail to comply with recognizance, and possess of a controlled substance. He was further charged with driving while under suspension contrary to the Highway Traffic Act. He will appear in Espanola Court on September 18, 2017, to answer to his charges.