Council defers increasing stipends to future council

KAGAWONG—After debating the issue at several meetings, Billings Township council has decided to not make any changes in remuneration paid out to members of council, and let the new council (to be elected in this fall’s municipal election) to take this action if they choose to.

“Looking at it, we are one of the lowest municipalities (in Ontario, in terms of stipends paid to councillors and mayor/reeve),” said Councillor Alkenbrack, that would have seen an increase basically of $1,000 per year; with the mayor position (Mayor Aus Hunt) (stipend) increase to $15 per hour and council receive a payment that would see an increase to $13 per hour (based on an average of eight hours per week of each devoting to council duties). This wouldn’t increase (the stipends) very much.”
“The new council could change all of this (once elected),” pointed out Mayor Aus Hunt.

Councillor Alkenbrack pointed out the recommended increases would be for the next term of council. 

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“I’m of the opinion that we should leave this issue to the next council,” said Councillor Brian Parker.

“They can decide if they want to make changes (to the stipends) anyway,” added Mayor Hunt.