Municipality taking part in seed program to help beautify community

Aside from beautifying CMPS the flowers will help to attract and sustain bees.

MINDEMOYA—The municipality of Central Manitoulin be taking part in a plant seed program with the local students of Central Manitoulin Public School (CMPS) and residents around the municipality that will help to further beautify the community. The program will help with the decreasing population of bees and help to bring more pollinators back to the municipality.

“The beautification committee met today and one of the things we discussed is a project of the Vesey Seeds Company which will provide us with seeds to be planted around the municipality,” Councillor Pat MacDonald told members of Central Manitoulin council at a meeting last week.

Ms. MacDonald explained, “the plan is to mail out the seeds to every household in the municipality to plant, with some of the seeds given to all students at CMPS. We will be mailing out information on planting and how to increase community awareness etcetera.”

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“I think this is a fantastic idea,” stated Councillor Derek Stephens.

“A honey bee “stake” will travel from garden to garden in the municipality as part of the program to bring back the honey bee to Central Manitoulin and the school (CMPS) will be providing bee facts to the students every morning,” said Councillor MacDonald.

“It’s a nice way of beautifying the community, promote the importance, awareness and need for bees and make people aware in the community,” said Councillor MacDonald. She said the cost of the program in total will be about $1,500, which the committee has in its budget for the project.

Ms. MacDonald told the Recorder after the meeting, “this is a program run by the Vesey Seeds company. Our beautification committee decided to purchase packets of seeds and put a message of bringing back the bees to Central Manitoulin on the packages.”

“We have to pay for the seeds in advance before they are shipped here,” continued Councillor MacDonald. She pointed out the seeds will be made up of “miscellaneous flowers that attract bees. Getting the school children involved will help and it provides good education to kids about something they can do for their environment.”

“We will probably be able to start mailing out the seeds in the next couple of weeks,” said Councillor MacDonald.