Billings seeks approval to expand its landfill

KAGAWONG—The Township of Billings has agreed to hire a company to carry out a hydro geological assessment study on its landfill, towards environmental compliance approval to expand its landfill.

“We have an order from the province to move our landfill,” Billings Clerk Kathy McDonald told council at a meeting last week. “Currently we don’t have the room to move the site. So, I have had discussions with Pinchin (Ltd.), which has talked to the MOEE (Ministry of Environment and Energy) about extending the landfill zone area.”

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Council was informed that if the study is carried out, and approved, the township should be able to extend the landfill footprint to its maximum extension, without having to do an environmental assessment.

Mayor Austin Hunt questioned how much property the township owns that could be used for an extended landfill.

Council was told there is 150 acres of land in total.

“We certainly don’t want to get into doing an environmental assessment,” said Councillor Brian Parker.

“Yes, and we don’t want to have our landfill closed,” said Councillor Barb Erskine.

“We can’t afford to,” said Councillor Sharon Alkenbrack.

The township had been advised previously that it had to move its landfill. Council passed a motion to authorize the township CAO Ms. McDonald to enter the township into an agreement with Pinchin Ltd. for a hydro geological assessment and evaluation of compliance of approval for the purpose of expanding its current landfill. The estimated cost is $29,000 plus HST.