Gore Bay home sees extensive damage from March 2 blaze

A fire caused extensive damage to the Gore Bay home owned by Mitchell Bell and Amanda Hore, last Friday evening.

GORE BAY—A Gore Bay family lost their home last Friday after a fire caused extensive damage to the inside of their home.

“The fire took place at the residence of Amanda Hore and Mitchell Bell at 16 Main Street,” said Gore Bay Fire Chief Mike Addison late Friday evening. “No, the house is not livable. It is still standing and can be repaired, but the fire got into the wall and made it hard for us to get at. The west end of the house has a pretty big hole in it and there was a lot of smoke damage in the house.”

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Mr. Addison pointed out the  Gore Bay Volunteer Fire Department had received a call to respond to the fire at 4:50 pm last Friday afternoon. He said the fire seems to have been caused by an electrical problem, but said this has not yet been determined as the cause of the blaze.

Mr. Bell and the couple’s two children were at home at the time of the fire, said Mr. Addison. “He (Mitchell) was at home with their two kids. The kids were sleeping and he was lying down, and I understand someone pounded at their door to tell him the house was on fire. Everyone got out safely.”

Mr. Bell explained, “I was lying down and the kids were in bed sleeping and I could smell smoke. I got up to check it out and at the same time Cora Hayden was pounding at the door to let us know there was a fire. It was overwhelming. She helped me get the kids to the living room, and I got them dressed and out of the house and the fire department was called to respond.”

Mr. Bell agreed that it appears the fire was caused electrically and started in the wall. “There is a lot of damage but it can be fixed. Thankfully everyone is safe, it could have been worse. It could have spread throughout the house and to the neighbours.” He pointed out the couple have insurance.

Mr. Addison said he had to call Hydro One to disconnect the power before members of the fire department could go inside the house as the wiring was on fire as well.