Annual Porter, Clark, Purvis Tournament features great hockey

The Sportsmen ‘A’ division champion was the Riching team (in photo) who defeated the Average Joes in the final.

GORE BAY—The 36th Annual Porter, Clark, Purvis Hockey Tournament held in Gore Bay this past weekend provided a great hockey action and great crowds throughout.

The final game of the weekend in the Sportsmen A division finals pitted two teams that have become arch-rivals over the past few years, having regularly run up against each
other in the finals.

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In a very fast paced even game, the Riching team defeated the Average Joes in the final game, 2-1. Team Riching included Chris King, Cole Dumond, Neil McDougall, Wes Chambers, Brandon Orford, Andrew Argall, Zack Rolston, Shaun Riching, Joey Toner, Jordan King, Zach Whalen and Bob Dumond. Bailey Nerbus presented the Porter trophy on behalf of the family to Riching team member Bob Dumond.

The Rick Rayner Memorial Trophy was presented by Stacy Rayner to the Most Valuable Player Brandon Orford. Mr. Orford scored the winning goal in the final game.

In the 40+ ‘A’ division final, M’Chigeeng, shown in photo, defeated the Orford team by a 3-1 score.
photos by Tom Sasvari

In the 40-plus division A final, the M’Chigeeng team defeated the Orford team by a 3-1 count. Members of the M’Chigeeng team included Brian Corbiere, Jimmy Panamick, Kyle Debassige, Greg Mishibinijima, John Ense, Mike Panamick, Ace Rock, Ray Corbiere, Sheldon Migwans, Erwin Debassige, Bruce Recollet, Kevin Wakegijig, Scotty Fisher and Louie Pheasant.

The Sportsmen ‘B’ final saw the Jagerbombs team (in photo), defeat Russell Thunder 5-1.

The Sportsmen division B final had the Jagerbombs winning the final by a 5-1 score over Russell Thunder. The Jagerbombs roster included Thomas Hayden, Ben Patrick, Ben Haner, Mitch Payette, Matt Craig, Greg Doane, Brett Varey, Jacob Moreau, Dylan Francis, Nic Harfield, Jarvis Debassige, Matt Quenville, Jeremy Couchie and Jordan Cristo. On behalf of the Clark family, Hye Clark presented the championship trophy to Thomas Hayden.

In the 40+ ‘B’ division final, Fossil Blue (in photo) defeated the Fossil White team by a 6-2 score.

In the 40-plus B division final, Fossil Blue defeated Fossil White by a 6-2 score in the final game. The Fossil Blue team included Tom Lockyer, Scott McDougall, Roger Hayden, Dan Smith, Paul Wright, Lee Hayden, Mark Sanchez, Bill Holmes, Don Wright, Jed Graham, Dan Clark, Cole McLaughlin and Alain Desaulniers.