MSS Mustang Boys stable Lockerby in final

Front row, lying down are, from left, Kyle Debassige, Parker Dickinson, Bradon Anwhatin Lewis and Alex Martin; second row, the five players on their knees are Tait Wallace, Ethan Corbiere, Connor Belmore, Nathan Francis Debassige and Gregory Doane. Third row includes coach Steve Doane, Zack Paul, Brett Ense, Joshua Robinson, Jayden Little, Ben Marshall, Mr. Smith, Tyler Hughson, Jeffrey Panamick and Boston Thibault. Back row includes Keegan Clarke, Matthew Redmond and Billy Hallaert. Missing from photo are Chris Haner and C.J Wilson. photo by Michael Erskine

LITTLE CURRENT—The Manitoulin Secondary School (MSS) Mustangs boys’ hockey team dominated their opponents, the Lockerby Composite School Vikings, in the series final game at the Little Current arena on Friday to take the B Championship playoff series 2 to 1 with a score of 9-3.

The somewhat lopsided score only tells part of the story, however, as the Lockerby team put up a game fight, never letting up or backing off no matter what the lights on the scoreboard said. The game was also remarkably light on penalties, but in the end the Mustang powerhouse was simply too strong for the Vikings. Goalie Brandon Anwhatin-Lewis effectively walled off the Mustang net stopping all but three of the shots on net.

First period goals for the Mustangs were scored by Jayden Little, assisted by Kyle Debassige; Connor Belmore, assisted by Jayden Little; and Tait Wallace, assisted by Ethan Corbiere. Second period Mustang goals were scored by Bryce Draper, assisted by Brett Ense; Connor Belmore, assisted by Nathan Francis Debassige; Kyle Debassige, assisted by Tait Wallace; Tait Wallace, assisted by Kyle Debassige and Ethan Corbiere; and Ethan Corbiere Corbiere, assisted by Gregory Doane. A third period goal was scored by Brett Ense, unassisted.

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The two first period Vikings’ goals (which brought that period’s tally to 3-2) were scored by Alex Bouthillier, unassisted; and Matthew Kvaltin, unassisted. The second period goal was scored by Alex Bouthillier, assisted by Matthew Kvaltin. The Vikings were shutout in the third, but it wasn’t for lack of trying, managing to hold the line to one Mustang goal in the third.

The playoff Most Valuable Player was Kyle Debassige. “Kyle had a great playoff leading our attack and was a dependable team guy all season long, playing through injury and always having a great attitude,” said Coach Steve Doane. “Scoring was spread around in the final game with goals and assists coming from each defence pair and every line. Both goalies Tyler Hughson and Brandon Anwhatin Lewis were able to get a win in the final series which was nice to see.”

Mr. Doane quipped that the Mustang team may well look to the A division championships next year. Although the Mustang boy’s won the B Division championship, they we cannot qualify for NOSSA from Division II, he noted. “NOSSA will be attended by Division A winners St. Charles and runner up Confederation High School.”