Planning Board Official Plan being considered by Minister of Municipal Affairs

GORE BAY—The Manitoulin Planning Board’s (MPB) proposed Official Plan is presently before the Minister of Municipal Affairs for approval consideration.

Praveen Senthinathan, media relations spokesperson for the Ministry of Municipal Affairs, told the Recorder in an email Wednesday, February 21, 2018, “I understand you were looking for an update on the Manitoulin Official Plan.

“The Manitoulin Official Plan is presently before the ministry for a decision. All input received is being considered,” wrote Ms. Senthinathan. “Once a decision has been made, the Ministry will issue a  notice of its decision and the (planning) Board will be provided with a copy of the decision, including any changes to the plan. In addition, the decision will be posted on the Environmental Bill of Rights Registry for additional public information. The Planning Act establishes a 20 day appeal period following the date the notice of decision is issued.”

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This statement from the ministry follows a story in the Recorder last week in which two Western Manitoulin municipalities expressed their frustration last week, like the Manitoulin Planning Board (MPB) has done previously, as to the length of time it has taken the province to approve the MPB’s Official Plan.

The Official Plan had been completed and sent to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs in 2017, but has of yet not received approval from the province.