Gore Bay council accepts bid for construction of new splash pad

GORE BAY—Gore Bay council has given its approval to award a contract to a Sudbury based company  for the design, supply and installation of a splash pad at the town park, south of Millsite Apartments.

Signing of a contract cannot take place until after funding notifications are released which is expected the first week of March. Once the municipality knows whether or not funding has been received, it can proceed with plans for the splash pad. In the event funding is not received, the municipality will consider other options to proceed with the park.

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Council also gave the go-ahead for other amenities in the park, including a tennis court and playground equipment that will complement the splash pad. It should be noted the town’s current playground will remain in its present location.

At a council meeting this past Monday, town clerk Annette Clarke informed council three tenders had been received on the request for proposals issued for the contract to construct the splash pad. This was then shortlisted to two possible contractors, CRCS Recreation, based out of Sudbury, and ABC Recreation, based out of Paris, Ontario. They both provided a nautical theme to the splash pad.

“CRCS Recreation out of Sudbury has been recommended by the committee,” said Ms. Clarke. The bid- tender from CRCS Recreation was for $149,241 plus HST, while the ABC Recreation bid was $149,938.30 plus HST.

CRCS Recreation has indicated it will take two to three weeks to install the splash pad once construction begins. Construction is expected to take place in May of this year.

Mayor Ron Lane said the splash pad will be constructed this summer.                                                                                                                                                                     “I’m very excited about this project,” stated Councillor Kevin Woestenenk.

Council passed a motion to accept the tender bid from CRCS Recreation. However, awarding of the contract cannot take place until after the town of Gore Bay has received confirmation that funding will be received.

Later in the meeting Mayor Lane noted that, “based on discussions that have taken place by council and the general government committee, we are also looking at constructing new tennis courts to replace the current one and, because there would be a fair bit of activity in the area, we have also allowed for a new parking lot at our park location.”

Again it was pointed out that a private donor is contributing to the new tennis courts and the town has applied for funding as well. The tennis courts will be constructed this summer.

Councillor Jack Clark noted the current soccer field, “will be moved to Smith park (the town park just south of the creek and boardwalk).”