Ringing in the New Year traditional style at Wiikwemkoong

Head dancers Harmony Rivers and Colton Trudeau in one of the evening’s many intertribals.

WIIKWEMKOONG—Wikwemikong High School once again organized and hosted the Annual New Year’s Eve Powwow, offering community members a fun and social way to usher out 2017 and ring in 2018.

The powwow, honouring youth, predominantly featured current students, or recent graduates of the high school, in major roles: the MC was Adrian Trudeau; the Arena Director was Matthew Oshkabewisens; the Head Female Dancer was Harmony Rivers; the Head Male Dancer was Colton Trudeau. The Head Female Youth Dancer was Natalia Pitawanakwat; the Head Male Youth Dancer was Pahquis Trudeau; and the Head Veteran was Will Morin. There were over 50 dancers and four drum/singing groups.

The powwow included a variety of dance categories, intertribal dances, spot dances, “memorial” spot dances, as well as a raucous game of musical chairs and a community potluck and ended with a round dance.

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Many believe that what you do on New Year’s Eve is what you will be doing in the coming year so the powwow, with all its laughter, dancing and good food, provided many community members with an opportunity to start the year in a good way among family and friends reminiscing about the year gone by and looking forward to the year ahead.