Town to post ‘no fishing’ signs

GORE BAY—As a safety measure for kids and adults swimming in the town swim beach area located  behind the town of Gore Bay Harbour Centre, no fishing signs will be  posted in the area in the near future.

“Yes, we have heard of people fishing off the docks in the swim beach kids play area,” Gore Bay Mayor Ron Lane told the Recorder on Monday. “This could create a real safety hazard if someone is fishing in the area where someone is swimming close by, or a fisherman casts out their line, if they lose their lure or the line gets caught, there could be problem lure, line or even a treble hook at the bottom of the lake. A child or even an adult could get caught up in the lake or hurt by stepping on a lure for example.”

Mayor Lane pointed out there is lots of other areas people can fish in town, such as the new breakwater which goes out into the bay 600 feet.   

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“It is all about the safety of the kids and others who are swimming in the beach area that we are going to put up the no swimming signs,” said Mayor Lane. “To me it just makes common sense, you shouldn’t have people fishing where people are swimming.”

Mayor Lane pointed out the town will be undertaking some work at the docks and play area and then a sign will be posted there indicating no fishing is allowed at the swim beach area or docks.