Guided Astronomy Nights and Moonlight Hike and Wolf Howl Dates for July & August

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The summer months of July and August prove to be exciting and busy at Gordon’s Park on Manitoulin Island, with guided Astronomy Nights and Moonlight Hike and Wolf Howls throughout to keep you learning and having fun!

Every Thursday and Saturday in July and August join us at the park for a night to learn about the stars during our Astronomy Nights. This program takes place in the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada designated Dark Sky Preserve and includes an orientation into planets, northern lights and the solar system, & instructions on the use of a planisphere (sky map) to discover the night sky. During the Laser Guided Sky Tour, participants will learn how to star hop, view with the naked eye & have the opportunity to try Bausch & Lomb wide-angle Binoculars and to observe through the Park’s 8 Inch Dobsonian Telescope.

The Moonlight Hike & Wolf Howl includes an orientation into wolves , their habitats and the type of species that can be found on Manitoulin Island. We’ll call for wolves, search for their tracks and watch for other signs of wildlife on a guided educational nature hike. A social howling competition around the campfire with really great wolf souvenir prizes follows the hike.

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The dates of the Moonlight Hike and Wolf Howl are as follows: July 14 & 28 and August 4, 6 & 25.

We look forward to seeing everyone out at Gordon’s Park for another exciting summer full of astronomy and howling at the wolves!

Call Gordon’s Park at 705-859-2470 or email register. Spots are limited. Enjoy all these great events at Gordon’s Park Eco Resort, and stay with us at in our campsites, cabins, tipis or Bed and Breakfast rooms. It’s the busiest weekend of the year, so call 705-859-2470 to reserve now, e-mail for more information or visit the website at You can also find the park on Facebook at