Randy Noble and Meredith Chandler Agree to Continued use of their Property for Cup and Saucer Trail

The Town of Northeastern Manitoulin and the Islands – Mayor Al MacNevin announced today that Randy Noble and Meredith Chandler have agreed to permit the public the continued use of their property for the Cup and Saucer Trail.  As part of the previous partnership with the Manitoulin Tourist Association and Don Eadie Construction Ltd, they have permitted the use of their land since the inception of the Cup and Saucer Trail.  Their property encompasses major elements of the trail including the saucer and the primary lookout at the top of the bluff.

“It is important for the community to understand that without Randy and Meredith there would be no Cup and Saucer.  They have consistently provided the use of their land without compensation and often without even the basic recognition by the public that was on their property,” said Mayor Al MacNevin.  “We have to stop taking contributions by our neighbours for granted.  I welcome this opportunity to thank them for their ongoing support and their willingness to continue to partner with the Municipality.”

Ms. Chandler has reinforced her commitment to the continued use of their property.  “Randy and I have always permitted people to use our property for the trail”, she said, “the partnership with the MTA worked for us in the past and we anticipate that the partnership with the Town will enable us to continue to offer the use of the land.”  “This property is obviously very special to us and we will continue to ask people to be respectful of it.  It may appear free to those using it, but we do continue to pay the taxes on it and only ask that the municipality provides liability insurance in exchange for its use.”

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“This was one of the final and most important pieces of the puzzle in ensuring that the essence of the Cup and Saucer remains the same,” said Mayor MacNevin, “the ongoing contribution from Randy Noble and Meredith Chandler is greatly appreciated and we look forward to working with them for years to come. “

Randy Noble is the owner of Randy Noble Trucking Ltd and has provided quality construction services and aggregate products for over 40 years on the Manitoulin Island.  Meredith Chandler provides Health and Safety compliance, policy development and training services through her company, Health and Safety Matters (MAC).