It’s time to get tough against Hydro One

There’s nothing wrong with defending yourself from homelessness

To the Expositor:

Our economy is uncertain where it’s going and now they are holding talks on how to stabilize the oil market so that it will go back up, but for me it’s good to see a barrel of oil below forty dollars. It benefits me and I bet a lot of people would agree. Agree that it is cheaper to buy a gallon of gas or oil because I’m not rich, and for people who are living on fixed incomes, it’s cheaper to fill up their oil tanks for heating. If it goes back up the only ones who will benefit is the rich, investors and government. But for the ordinary citizen—nothing. It will just get expensive again to live while our hydro bills may come in very late. Once somebody starts getting behind on his or her hydro bills, it’s hard to get out of it. Hydro One should not charge for late payment (no interest).

For me I keep my kilowatt hours on my calendar so that I will know how much hydro I use, and than check it with my hydro bill when it comes in. Sometimes I notice my hydro bill is a little more than it should be, but not enough to raise hell against Hydro One for. But I’m ready for it if it gets worse, and those citizens needs to get tough if it’s affecting their well-being because that’s what I do when it’s affecting my well being. They have no right to take away.

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If God cannot control their greed you have to stand up to that and there is nothing wrong with that, you are just defending yourself from becoming homeless.

Ronald Osawabine