Manitoulin Streams Assoc. nominated for Rainbow Board award

MANITOULIN—A Manitoulin trustee with the Rainbow District School Board (RDSB) has nominated Manitoulin Streams Improvement Association (MSIA) for an outstanding contribution to the co-curricular program/community partnership award.

“Every year the Rainbow Board nominates employees or community volunteers in various categories for awards,” Larry Killens told the Recorder last week. “In the past several years Manitoulin groups, agencies and individuals have been chosen and presented with these awards.”

“Manitoulin Streams Improvement Association (MSIA) has in leaps and bounds advanced education for local students with the work they carry out, which includes green activities, which is one of the mandates of our board. They are very deserving of this nomination, under the leadership of Seija Deschenes,” said Mr. Killens.

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Mr. Killens pointed out MSIA has roots on Manitoulin Island back to the 1990s.

In his nomination form Mr. Killens explained, “today’s classroom, as we know it, is a paradigm. We are told by those in the know that in the very near future, the classroom, as we know it, will not reflect anything close to what we know and expect now. There will be no ‘classrooms’ as we know them.”

“I suggest that with the current three outdoor classrooms now monitored, created and maintained by Manitoulin Streams actually gives us an insight and their strategies to teach is a flagship to the future that will be ours. We, on the District of Manitoulin, are privileged to be exposed to this,” said Mr. Killens.

“Since their (MSIA) early beginnings, I will go out on a limb and say that since the late 1990s, I don’t think there is a student on Manitoulin, who at one time, has not been exposed to a learning moment fostered by this organization,” continued Mr. Killens. “At the same time our ecological environment has thrived and prospered.”

Mr. Killens said, “the level of support of such an organization, is a measuring stick of how valued and treasured they actually are. Starting with, but not limited to, retired teaching staff, Ministry of Natural Resources, Manitoulin Chamber of Commerce, College Boreal, Laurentian University, community donations of property and personal expertise, local game and fish clubs, to mention but a few.”

“I have no idea with the donation of lands that have streams flowing through them, donations of personal properties to house outdoor classrooms, and personal hours of instructional and qualified educators would cost, but it would be enormous (the contributions MSIA has made). This is not to mention the spin-off of rebuilding and saving our earth. An add-on is educating tomorrows citizens,” said Mr. Killens.