Blue Hair Challenge met by West End Pastoral Charge

Western Manitoulin Pastoral Charge Rev. Janice Frame is sporting a brand new look, blue hair! With the three Manitoulin United Church congregations meeting an $80,000 challenge posed to them by their minister, she obliged by dying her hair blue for Advent. PHOTO BY ERWIN THOMPSON

SILVER WATER—The Blue Hair Challenge has been met by the three congregations of the Western Manitoulin Pastoral Charge, and with it for the season of Advent, Reverend Janice Frame has had her hair dyed blue!

“With this Sunday being the last Sunday of our liturgical year, today I would like to do what everyone does for any New Year’s Eve, look back and look ahead to what will be,” said Rev. Frame at the service held in the service held in Silver Water on November 22.

“The blue hair challenge has been met,” said Rev. Frame. “The three congregations have met their respective goals, and Western Manitoulin Pastoral Charge can meet its financial goal without having to dip into its reserves.”

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“Since this challenges has been met for the season of Advent, my hair will be blue,” stated Rev. Frame.

Rev. Frame explained that on July 12, 2015, “at our annual meetings in February, each of our congregations decided how much it would contribute to the central fund, how much we would have to raise so that the central fund would break even and not dip into reserve funds to pay the bills. Meldrum Bay decided it could contribute $11,000, Silver Water $50,000, and Elizabeth Bay $12,000 for 2015.”

“So, here’s my idea…my challenge really,” Rev. Frame told the congregations. “If by November 22, each of our three congregations has received enough money in offerings and other donations to meet its 2015 commitment to the central fund… by the 22 of November, which is the end of our liturgical year, then I will celebrate with wild abandon and have my hair dyed blue. Why blue? Because our new liturgical year always starts with the season of Advent, and what is the colour associated with the Season of Advent? Blue.”

“I have every confidence that on November 22 it will be clear that I’ll have to make an appointment, that you’ll meet my challenge, and for the season of Advent, my head will be blue,” Rev. Frame told the congregations in July. “And, if anyone asks you why your minister looks so ridiculous, all you have to say is, ‘we are dancing before the Lord.’

Rev. Frame, living up to the challenge that she had made, and which had been met by the church congregations, has had her hair dyed blue for the season of Advent.