Wikwemikong High School 2014 valedictorian speech

Valedictorian Christine Trudeau entertained and tugged at the heart strings of all in attendance with a speech written entirely in rhyming couplets. photo by Peter Baumgarten
Aanii, good afternoon.
Speaking in front of crowds is difficult. My ears get hot, my hands shake and I fumble over words. I was informed a week ago about my valedictorian position. So how could I create a decent speech in such a short amount of time? Oh, I know, I thought, “I’ll make it rhyme!”
My name is Christine, and I speak for my class of 2014.
My story is brief, I don’t remember much.
I do recall jump rope, freeze tag, and carrots for lunch.
Pigtails, smiles, and dresses, teachers, classmates, and those beloved recesses.
But, beyond that, my memories begin to blur,
so I’ll skip ahead to where my story begins to stir.
Grade 8 was the time when I left for a week –
no one had known why I made my impromptu retreat.
It started with the passing of my great-aunt Lorraine
that my mother thought she could make a new gain.
This town, though breathtaking, did not feel like home
so, when opportunity came, she decided to roam.
I followed her at that time, right by her side,
till my stomach grew queasy and I had to say goodbye.
My body then knew that something was wrong.
I missed my home, I missed Wikwemikong.
I came back and, boy, my body was relieved,
but my heart – it was sad – it began to grieve,
For I knew that my mother would not be here to see
me and my classmates graduate in the year of 2014.
It took me time to realize that there were many others:
my aunts, my uncles and, of course, my dear father.
They were all here for me at times when I needed them most,
a good laugh, a taxi ride, and support when I thought I was toast.
But they are not the only ones who have helped me along the way.
I must thank my teachers whose help did not delay.
Mr. Mara and Mr. B, without them I would not know science,
and Mr. Wassengeso who gave my career some guidance.
All of the faculty, all of the coaches –
they deserve a round of applause, for without them we’d be hopeless.
With everyone’s support my mother would surely believe,
in all of the things we have claimed to achieve.
Whether it is high grades, captains, or defeating Skyrim’s Forsworn,
to creating a wooden bow, a piece of art, or even a newborn.
But before I irretrievably digress,
I’d like to get back to the story that I managed to compress.
You may think that my mother’s absence makes me upset,
but it really taught me lesson that I shall never soon forget.
This message, that you really all should know,
is that there is help whenever you need, wherever you go.
Just look around you now, look around the room,
all of these people here, they’re all here for you.
So when the weight of the world is on your shoulder,
there will always be someone about to be an extra holder.
On a final note, I’d like to thank you for all of the fun,
But that’s it – that’s my speech, I’m really done.