Hudak Confirms 100,000 Job Cuts Include Municipalities


OTTAWA – Today, PC Leader Tim Hudak confirmed that his 100,000 Pink Slip Plan includes municipal job cuts:

“So the size of the public service, the province of Ontario… With its agencies, municipalities and such… So, I think a fair and reasonable goal is a 10% reduction.”

(Tim Hudak, CFRA, May 13, 2014)

Municipal jobs that would be reckless cut by the Hudak PCs include:

  • Municipal fire fighters and police officers who keep communities safe
  • Transit workers who help us on our commute
  •  Construction and engineer coordinators who manage public works projects
  • Child care workers
  • Building inspectors and engineers who make sure public buildings are securely built
  • Community development facilitators
  • Road supervisors who keep our roads safe
  • Health and safety inspectors

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