Hunting on Private Property Without Permission Nets $1,500 in Fines

Hunting on Private Property Without Permission Nets $1,500 in Fines

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MANITOULIN–A Walford-area man has been fined $1,500 for hunting offences under the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act.

Ronald Sangster pleaded guilty to two charges for hunting white-tailed deer on a property without landowner permission. His firearm was seized at the time of the offence and will be returned once the fine has been paid.

Court heard that in November 2013, conservation officers responded to a complaint of a hunter trespassing and killing a deer on private property. Upon investigation, it was found that Sangster had killed two deer without the required written permission.

Justice of the Peace James Bubba heard the case in the Ontario Court of Justice in Gore Bay, on February 6, 2014.

People who want to hunt white tailed deer on Manitoulin, Barrie and Cockburn Islands must have written permission from landowners to hunt on their property.For further information on hunting regulations, please consult the 2013-2014 Hunting Regulations Summary available at

To report a natural resources violation, call 1-877-TIPS-MNR (847-7667) toll-free any time or contact your local ministry office during regular business hours. You can also call Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).



  1. Any deer/bear that is pulling the branches off my apple trees and eating
    my corn & other cash crops is an eligible candidate to fill my
    freezer. This is no big revelation. I’m sure the contents of more than a
    few Manitoulin farmers freezers include venison. He was stupid to use a
    gun. Ever hear of the crossbow….deadly & silent? If this guy was a
    native Indian NOTHING would be said or done. Why the double standard?

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