Stewardship Council seeks Island input for fracking position

Stewardship Council seeks Island input for fracking position

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MANITOULIN—The Manitoulin Area Stewardship Council (MASC) wants to gauge Manitoulin Island residents’ views on fracking, the controversial oil and gas recovery method using chemical infused water and high pressure steam that has revolutionized the recovery of fossil fuels from what were once considered marginal or non-commercially viable oil plays.

“The council decided to do a survey online,” said MASC secretary Therese Trainor. “The Manitoulin Expositor has agreed to host the survey on their website and we have created a preamble and poll question, as well as a survey, to find out what the opinion of the Island is on fracking before they take a position.”

The preamble to the survey explains what MASC is, explained Ms. Trainor, and the survey is intended to give the organization good solid data on those expressing a viewpoint. “We really want to know what it is the Island thinks,” she said.

The preamble, poll question and survey have been submitted to the members of the MASC board for their review and approval before being posted. “I have not heard back yet from the board members,” said Ms. Trainor, but she added that she remains confident that the survey will ready fairly soon in the New Year.

Concerns about fracking arose recently on Manitoulin with news of a drilling program by the Ontario Geological Society that included data from the Island in its report. Although there was recent drilling data in the OGS report, the holes drilled on Manitoulin that provided the local data contained within the report were actually drilled in 1984—more recent holes were drilled in the geological formations that extend through Manitoulin on the lower Bruce Peninsula.

Fracking has been banned by legislation in Quebec and the Ontario government is currently reviewing its policy and regulations on the practice.

New Brunswick has been wracked by First Nations protests over fracking exploration in its fields, including highway blockades and the torching of police vehicles during the emotionally charged confrontations and local First Nations leaders have expressed adamant opposition to any suggestion that the practice might take place locally.

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  1. Tried unsuccessfully to fill out your poll. The format would not allow me to put in my name or comments. Oh well, I wil just say here that I am against any and all fracking activity, everywhere, but especially on Manitoulin Island, we have already destroyed wetlands, lakes and rivers here. We do not need to lose our drinking water as well.

  2. if people were against the windmills which is clean energy what are the chances they would go for fracking 
    ! in the end its the mighty dollar that will win out when the government sees all that potential money it will go ahead and permit it. And yes it is all privately owned land on the island but off the island its all crown same as the water.

  3. totally against fracking any where in Ontario or Manitoulin Island . See the documentary by Josh Fox of the dangers and whats happening in the United States . This is one reason their  fighting it in New Brunswick…

  4. I agree: See the Josh Fox two part documentary on HBO called:”GASLANDS & GASLANDS II”  To get an idea of what damage fracking can do. Shows the results of fracking throughout the US and the damage to environment and health.

  5. I spent years visiting North Dakota before Fracking for oil started.They have totally destroyed the enviorment .Flames everywhere gas burning filling the air.pollution you would not believe.I will never go to North Dakota again .The ranchers were fooled with greed and know they killed there lands. Wolf

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