The Glenora Ferry plays an important role for travellers


To the Expositor:

Why have the Glenora Ferry (‘Money spent on the Glenora Ferry should go to the Chi-Cheemaun,’ March 20, page 4)? Mr. Olfert made a good choice when he decided to visit Prince Edward County.

However, he should taken a little longer to study that neck of the province. The ferry plays a very important link to 33 Highway which delivers travellers through to Kingston and beyond. Many people live in the county and work outside to drive round would make that impossible economically, not mention the large tourism trade to the county.

Mr. Olfert may have taken the time to ask the folks of Picton what they think of closing down their ferry service. Manitoulin Island and its relationship with the Chi-Cheemaun has its own issues and concerns. Attacking another part of our province is both short sighted and unproductive.

Question for Mr. Olfert: did you steal your neighbour’s car to make the trip (as they were not using it) rather than spend money on gas for your own vehicle?

Harvey Tuttle


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