Writer angry at blockades

Writer angry at blockades

To the Expositor:

On a pre-Christmas weekend, when it would cause the most inconvenience, Natives played the big bully and blocked a major highway. It caused irritation and frustration. And now you are worried about hostility or resentment? Surely you didn’t expect all sweetness and light with that stunt?

Your sign along Highway 6 says you want our respect coast to coast. Bullies don’t get respect!!! Support? Nah! That’s gone too.

Here’s a novel idea. Next time you want to play the ‘heavy,’ take your tirade to the source of your complaint—Ottawa—and leave the ‘little guy’ alone.

Carol Lang




  1. totally agree, clean up your own financial problems on the reserves first and you will see that there is plenty of money for all not just for the chiefs and councilors. It’s your own poor people that suffer while the ones at the top live off the hog. Look and Read all the facts about Atawapiskat, Spence and her band of renounds are screwing their own poor people that cannot defend themselve. I totally agree with the writer take that STUPID sign down you CANNOT DEMAND RESPECT, RESPECT HAS TO BE EARNED AND BY BLOCKADING ROADS HOLDING UP PEOPLE FROM GOING TO WORK, HOSPITALS, AND APPOINTMENTS, you are just pissing people off SO TAKE YOUR PLITE TO OTTAWA. ON ON THE HIGHWAYS AND RAILROADS start treating the people that give you the money (US TAX PAYERS) WITH RESPECT…

  2. WOW, sorry to break your bubble, but tax payers, did not pay for first nations, it comes from loyalty fees from across this country.. maybe you should educate yourself on this and don’t assume. its about us sharing this land, oh by the way, not all first nations are crooks, education is the key to this problem for both sides..

  3. FYI: When your people came over on the ships across the Atlantic and tried to claim all of our land, your people took 60% and left us with 40%, when it should have been the other way around. Our treaties were with the Queen not the Canadian Gov’t. The white settlers took a lot of our land. So the money we get today is for the back taxes that your people owe us. It goes way back. Educate yourself about your own theft of our lands and maybe you will know what your people did to native peoples of this continent. And you should learn “Patience” instead of broiling in your own anger.Patience to read those pamphlets that we are trying to give to you settlers. This not only effects us, but it’s going to effect you as well, especially with the environment. Don’t use that ignorance that some of you settlers carry. Some of your railroads and highways go straight thru native land without our permission. That’s why some of them are being blockaded. As for Harper and yourself, Slander becomes the tool of the loser.

  4. 235 billion of our money is in your pockets.. we r.living on interest of less than 5 billion from our trust fund moneis….figure out what u are doing with your 235 billion that….same amount ofpll in aboriginal communitiesand non aboriginal communities, u settlers get more than the aboriginal comm., why is that?

  5. Stan and Carol

    You two really need to read Bill C45 and Bill C38 – this is not an “Indian” issue this is a human issue – and as for living off of your taxes – i hate to break your heart Stan but i am a Anishnabe kwe who works and pays taxes – so get off your high horse and give your head a shake – if it wasnt for native people helping your people when they came in on their ships your anscestors would have been dead (i guess this means that the white people on those boats were the original boat people)- and personally i wish i was there on those shores when the ships arrived as i would have been vocal in saying “send them back” – so next time your setting in your backyward or driving around, remember that you are on Native land that was stolen

  6. I don’t understand some people here in our beautiful Manitoulin Island our Hometown.. They should be supportive to the Anishnaabek here in Mnido Mnising(Manitoulin Island) to fight the Harper Government for making decisions on his own without Consultations…Mr.Harper did this on his own to open the doors for all Anishnaabek to stand together all over the world to protect our Treaty Rights,our Land,our Waters,our Future Generations…Our people out there did not BLOCK THE LITTLE CURRENT BRIDGE THEY WERE JUST HANDING OUT INFORMATION…Stan Edwards you need to learn more about the Indians(Anishnaabek) before you post things on line at the end you will be on the list to get charge for being racism…But us Anishnaabek we are not going to give up we are strong and brave.

  7. Do you people not love our island? Our beautiful beaches, clean water, hunting fields, our backyards at that? This is native land, but was forced to hand over to the non-native’s. If this Bill passes through, just imagine how quickly we will lose our beautiful and natural island. Stan & Carol are two arrogant people who really needs the right type of education, give you head a shake; I’d be ashamed of myself if I were you! This is not only a native problem, it’s EVERY CANADIANS problem.

  8. Stan and Carol, perhaps you should educate yourself on these bills prior to voicing your uneducated opinions. Secondly, you reside on Manitoulin Island, home of FIVE First Nations, yet you hold such racist and ignorant opinions. perhaps you should take the time you are being delayed during these peaceful protests to educate yourself.

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