Guns a poor raffle choice

Guns a poor raffle choice

To the Expositor:

The Mindemoya Minor Hockey League is selling raffle tickets for which second prize is a high-powered rifle. We would like to express our disapproval of having a gun as a prize. It is not appropriate to have young people selling tickets on a rifle. A rifle is a weapon that should be taken seriously, not promoted as a prize in a fundraiser for our youth.


Jan McQuay and Sally Ford




  1. Sorry ladies, I think you’re being a little old-henish on this one.
    Rifles and shotguns have been offered as prizes in sporting club raffles for many years and I have never heard of a prize gun being used for bad purpose.
    Any winner would have to provide a valid FAC in order to take possession of such a gun so there is no likelihood of them falling into juvenile hands.
    Relax and have another Valium with your warm milk and kwitcherbitchin.

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