Larry Killens weighs in on strike


To the Expositor:

I write as a public school trustee in the Province of Ontario on my own behalf.

I can understand and deal with teacher’s walkout and the spin off disruption that ensues.

I have gone as far as I can to support in part the teachers of Ontario in that I voted for a letter being sent to the Minister of Education to repeal Bill 115 and explained why.

I cannot deal or comfort our kids who are looking to the one person in their lives that is present more often than their own parents. That person is you who is participating in an action that is their legal right and understood by most. Born out of fear, students are looking for support, comfort and some sort of stability. They need to work through their feelings and look for answers that while you do not have, you can lead them to that path. They will be all together in a familiar building with their daily community of friends, which is something we cannot do as well. They can see their community hurts en masse. Parents cannot offer most of that, but need help and one kind of support that can only come from their other constant in life: their school community and the teachers that make it work.

Please postpone your understandable actions in dealing with your issues of a government that is not well right now. Please return, stop the walkouts and be there for our kids until stability in our society is returned.

Concerned and worried for our future, our kids,

Larry Killens
Rainbow District School Board trustee
South Baymouth


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