Animals should be treated with kindness and respect

Animals should be treated with kindness and respect

To the Expositor:

In response to the letters written by Annette Pearson (‘Animals deserve to be treated with humanity,’ November 21, page 4) and Bev Lynch (‘Writer agrees with letter demanding better treatment of dogs,’ November 28, page 4), kudos to both of you. I was the one who contacted the Human Society about those dogs a couple of years ago. They can not go on a reserve so I go in touch with PETA (People for the Ethical Treatmeant of Animals). They asked me to take pictures and send them to them and the lady I dealt with was from West Virginia. I did who and she was the one who got the dog house through the police service. Straw was supplied at the time but needs to be refreshed as those of us with common sense realize.

If one has an animal, one should respect it and be kind. We have to teach our children (of which I have none) to respect and not hurt them. There are also dogs in Mindemoya that are not being treated properly and people just say ‘I do not want to get involved’ and that is not a good attitude to have. There is a dog that I water a lot as sometimes the water is green in the bucket and this dog has not any straw, which to me is just abhorrant. I would like to suggest to the owner to drink the green water and sleep with no shelter tonight and just see how they like it. I know I cannot do this to a human, but we cannot be very humane to do this to other species. The people that we would like these letters to reach probably do not read the paper so here is hoping that we can change one dog’s life. To change one dog’s life will not change the world, but will change the life of that dog forever.

Kudos to all who are trying—that is all we can do.

Sally Miller




  1. Sections 445 and 446 of the Criminal Code of Canada deal with animal neglect and cruelty. If you see such cases contact the OPP or UCCM police and ask them to enforce it. If they refuse, ask them why and report back here at the Expositor. Public embarrassment is necessary to bring about a solution.

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