Manor resident responds to writer’s dismay


To the Expositor:

In response to Glenn Black’s letter to the editor (‘Writer dismayed by lack of Manor response to concerns, October 31, 2012, page 4.)

I have read your concerns about the Centennial Manor regarding the welfare of the residents.

I have been a resident some four years. Possibly I can give you some first-hand info on the daily operation at the manor.

I can assure you that safety is first with staff and PSWs. Any unsafe conditions are promptly rectified.

I can also ease your mind on baths. A resident is given two a week, more or less as needed or requested.

Regarding your request to board members for nurses’ twenty-four hour reports: I would hope, like doctors, these reports are kept confidential as there are things in my life I would prefer the general public not knowing.

We are in a deficit that probably was not caused by poor management but it highlights the fact it costs more to run the Manor than planned for.

Mr. Black, possibly you could arrange a tour with, like you say, taxpayers or members of the public. You would find a pleasant, bright, clean, nice smelling home where the residents can enjoy good food, games and entertainment.

Mr. Black, thank you very much for your concern for our welfare. I can again reassure you that the Manor is being run in a safe, efficient way.

Good day to you sir,

Bud McConnell
Manitoulin Centennial Manor
Little Current


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