Kudos to Betty Bardswich for KAIROS article


To the Expositor:

Thanks to Betty Bardswich for the heart-warming report (‘KAIROS urges Canadians to do justice, October 24, page 11) on the great work being done by KAIROS Canada; an ecumenical gathering which brings together eleven organizations, including churches, to work together for justice and human rights.

That must have been a great day and, despite the fact that I too am not a regular churchgoer, I wish I’d been there! Anything we can do which brings people together and unites them in their determination to seek justice and fair-play is worthwhile and indeed essential in today’s world where injustice and intolerance seem, all too often, to be the norm.

Makes me wonder why, in its’ ‘un-wisdom’, our current federal government saw fit, not so long ago, to de-fund KAIROS Canada—another disastrous and short-sighted decision by our narrow-minded and ideologically-driven prime minister.

Eric Balkind
Elizabeth Bay


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